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We Own It: The Opening of Legoland, Florida

Our coverage area is what is usually considered “small towns,” despite the fact that our county is actually larger than the entire state of Rhode Island. Most people have to refer to the bigger cities of Tampa and Orlando when describing to people (especially outside of Florida) where they live. But Polk County became a well-known place this past weekend when Legoland, Florida had its grand opening in Winter Haven, the second-largest city in the county.

This was our story. It was happening in our regular coverage area, in one of the most well-covered areas in the history of The Ledger – the grounds of the former Cypress Gardens theme park, known for its southern belles, ski shows and the gardens.  So although we knew that organizations all over the world would be covering the grand opening, we wanted to make sure that The Ledger did the best job.

We did that by going social. Two journalists and a photographer were Legoland by 8 a.m. The park was set to officially open at 10 a.m. I was in the office, writing a continually evolving breaking news story based on pictures, Tweets and other information that was coming in throughout the day. By the time the park closed at 6 p.m., we had two photo galleries with a combined 73 photos in them and a story that had been updated almost two dozen times throughout the day and viewed about 30,000 times. Because the main picture in the story changed at least a dozen times throughout the day, we suspect that repeat visitors to our site realized the story was continuing to evolve and we got repeat clicks.

Here’s a summary of how we used Twitter to keep our readers informed throughout the day.

[View the story “Ledger Journalists Own Legoland” on Storify]

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