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Multimedia Workflow

We’ve recently started using Trax, a program that helps keep track of an article through various stages of the production cycle – conception, assignment, publication – and the elements that are attached to the article (such as videos, photographs or graphics). The unfortunate part of Trax is that it doesn’t have a good way to keep track of multimedia assignments.

While our multimedia is still being created in a limited capacity at my newspaper due to only one programmer being employed here and the rest of us online staff having other, specific duties, we like to incorporate various elements into our online storytelling like text, audio, graphics, polls, quizzes, databases, user input and other mechanisms. Many of these elements may be created/contributed by a variety of people in the newsroom. Thus, Trax doesn’t really work for us because there’s no good way to group projects together into one super project, or assign a single project with multiple elements to multiple people.

This got me thinking about our workflow and how it doesn’t work. I found this really interesting presentation by Ron Slyvester at Multimedia Reporter.

We’re about halfway there in terms of re-creating this workflow at our paper. I’ve been really please with how forward-thinking some of the journalists I work with are after I shared the usefulness of Tweeting and Facebooking to their carers. One veteran reporter here shared the idea of using Twitter as a note-taking service. He said that by the time he gets back to the office, his story is already halfway written – he just copies and pastes sentences from his Twitter feed.

What multimedia workflows do you use in your organization?
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