Dreaming of a White Christmas

It’s not even Thanksgiving, but the jolly old chaps over the Atlantic are already wondering when the first snowflakes will start falling. As a Floridian who is fairly obsessed with the white stuff (I played in my first snowfall last year, when we spent Christmas in New York City), I love this #uksnow Map developed by Ben Marsh using Twitter as his main source.

The developer takes Twitter posts with the proper hashtag of users self-reporting their own snowfall. Right now, there’s not much to see on the map, but it will be delightful to watch the crowdsourced snow experiment grow as winter continues to creep forward. This is really an amazing application of Twitter. While there is a small chance for abuse (like any other application that relies on pure user reporting), I would think that the application developer would have a script that would check for any anomolies against other reports within the same region and allow the map to self-correct from there.

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