How Content Dictates Design

Designers seem to have the most difficulty when designing online interactive because they are SO GOOD at coming up with beautiful color palettes and inclusive packages. Yes, this sounds contradictory, but it’s true. Our extensive user testing have given us the information that users see most graphical elements on a web page as ads. This is unfortunate, since our designers create beautiful, immersive elements that are so well polished that the public sometimes overlooks it as not part of the content of a page. We saw this especially when we put large interactive elements on section front pages — people would scroll right page them to get to the words.

We didn’t want that to happen to our Day of the Dead interactive with recipes from local Mexican recipes and a local Day of the Dead event. So we put it on its own page (so no one would be confused where the content was) and tried to make it colorful and organic by including white as part of the design (that touches the page) — anything that includes the same color as the page’s background is more likely to be seen as part of the content instead of an ad unit.

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday that has gained prominence in the United States since the Latino population has exploded across the country. Polk County, especially, sees a large, growing, Latino population. Enjoy!

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