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Map Mash-ups: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Pictures really are worth 1,000 words, when they’re paired up with a significant amount of data. That’s why Google map mashups are so wonderful (and why they’re significant in newspapers making the transition to multimedia and online news). They’re especially important for journalists to learn, because of the fact that they’re so easy to create and incorporate. You don’t need heavy multimedia training to make a Google map mash-up, and they can be created on deadline (unlike, say, most Flash/HTML5 presentations).

Map mashups work wonderfully to reach an online audience for three reasons.

  1. They provide a quick, visual overview of a subject
  2. They provide the raw data behind the subject for more intense readers to go through themselves, and might interest them in a full story/analysis of the subject
  3. They provide the hyperlocal interest in a story immediately, which often is the advantage that MOST newspapers (read: local newspapers) have over national/international newspapers and online sites.

This concealed handgun mash-up from MySanAntonio.com is a great example in Google map mash-ups for exactly the reasons stated above. A wealth of information in just a glance. Interesting and effective.

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