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Talk Like a Pirate Multimedia

Multimedia is a great way to break down complex subjects and increase the understanding of readers through layers of interactive information. But it can also be a really fun way to celebrate an internationally goofy holiday. Cue Talk Like a Pirate Day and the massive interactive efforts commenced by a variety of Ledger employees. The credits list reads like a New York Times multimedia graphic with eight different people credited (disclosure: including me for audio editing and recording), but it was mostly because the idea of the graphic was so much fun, everyone wanted to be a little part of it.

We started with just an idea: teach people to talk like a pirate, so they can enjoy the holiday. So that’s sound clips. But then someone asked, what else do I need to know to be a good pirate? A top 10 list was born. Finally, we wondered if we should touch on the realism of modern piracy. Nnnaaaaahh was the conclusion — but we could make a list of things to know if you should be caught by pirates. On that list was the suggestion to know a pirate shanty. But we can’t just tell someone to know a pirate shanty, I said. We should teach it to them. So there was another audio piece.

Talk Like a Pirate was a fun entertainment piece that took spare time from several people for about three weeks and will be promoted heavily for a week. But no one had to choose to work on the pirate interactive or get a serious news piece done. We all knew that this was strictly for fun — for us and, hopefully, for our readers.

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