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News 21’s “War: All that Lingers”

Screenshot from All that Lingers, by News21

News 21 is an online news collaborative of a dozen of America’s leading research universities with support from the Carnegie-Knight Task Force to initiate new forms of multimedia storytelling on large-scope topics. This year’s focus war.

While there have been a number of posts covering a variety of angles within the overarching topic of war with photos, videos, audio and interactive graphics, the one I found most compelling was All That Lingers.

All that Lingers focuses on the realities that soldiers have to deal with when they return from combat zones. The content includes a combination video, audio and photographs to create one multimedia presentation that tells the story of Vietnam veteran Jerry Middleton. Jerry explains what he did in the war and how those images and actions affected him when he returned states-side.

In revealing photos (both figuratively and literally — one picture shows Jerry standing naked in his yard, facing away from the camera), we enter into Jerry’s world. The world is both beautiful and sad and serves as the way we relate to Jerry’s journey to healing the mental wounds he suffered during the war.

The way the photographer, videographer and journalist entered Jerry’s world in such an unobtrusive way unobtrusive that the presentation seems to tell Jerry’s story without any filter from the journalists involved — which really should be the point of all human interest pieces, but especially those that can cover a subject in his own words.

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